Relationships and stuff

   I’m here to bitch about girlfriends. They’re an unnecessary hassle, waste of money, waste of tears and I hope she never reads this blog. There exists in this world a magical time period in-between a breakup and being single once again that every man experiences. This magical moment is comparable to when a beautiful stallion gallops down a pristine grass field, the flowers and tall grass crunching beneath its strong hooves, its majestic mane flowing behind him like a trail of fire. Then another stallion crashes headfirst in full speed into it creating a mesh of bloody gore and a visage of cruel animalistic misery. Not really actually.

 Somewhere between stage 3 and Single

  There is a strange moment after you break up with your ex-girlfriend that triggers a reaction in your male brain that makes you want to scream “I WANT TO TOUCH SOMETHING AGAIN.” It’s an eerie feeling, similar to when you’re vacationing at another city and CSI: Miami comes on at 8:30 instead of 7:40.

  This feeling unearths all the horrible feelings you had about the girl and makes you think, what the hell is wrong with me why did I date her? That is the failsafe switch that lets you move on with your silly life.

   I was once with a girl, a devoted devourer of books. She read only trash though, remembering nothing and leaving out the long paragraphs because it strained her and made her disinterested in reading. I would bring her to the library and she would seat herself down and spend a long time choosing. She would fumble with the book, fondling the spine like a parader’s baton, turning its pages quickly, and opening it once again at a random page and peering at it sideways, like some investigative official.  Sometimes she notices that she opens the book upside down and turns it ninety degrees along with her head. This whole process lasts for more than an hour and not once did I ever find out what it was that made her decide on the books that she chose… probably the title or artwork of the cover. Being a judgmental individual, if a person I had just met did that with me on a trip the library or bookstore, I would promptly call them retarded and think very low of them. In retrospect I probably didn't care that she did that with books because she had a fucking amazing butt.

Anyway on to the patch notes

EARTH   Patch 1.2

  • Feelings of love will now take into account both physical and emotional attraction to the individual before causing chemical reactions to drive your body to autopilot.

    • Physical attraction was valued far too high in the love process and is decreased to 50% down from 80%

    • Emotional attraction was valued far too low in the love process and is increased to 50% from 20%


  • Monetary value was uneven and thus unfair for both genders.
    • Before the hotfix females were far too concerned about monetary status of the males
    • Before the hotfix males were not as concerned about monetary status of the females

    • Monetary status for love is now taken away and is no longer necessary in order to have a good relationship. 

  • Common sense and love did not seem to be compatible in the early stages of love and common sense was being overridden by the after-effect of love, which is lust. This has been fixed and both genders will now think with their proper head when dealing with decisions regarding love and relationships
  •  Both females and males will no longer have the urge to blame themselves for relationships that have failed and will both agree that it was a mutual effort or lack thereof that caused it.
  • We will still not put restrictions to same gender relationships even through the complaints we have had about it, just suck it up people, love is not selfish.

User Interface
  • Males
    • Random erections no longer occur. Added causes are; light breezes, eating food too fast, eating food too slow, reading a really good book, cutting into a hard piece of cardboard, smelling newly laundered clothing, being accidentally touched by the grocer when she/he hands you change, new car smell, new house smell, new book smell, new smells, hearing the crackles from a campfire, hearing ghost stories, when your significant other is crying, when your significant other isn’t crying, when you’re nervous, when you’re tense, chewing excessively, making eye contact, high-fives, low-fives, wearing shorts to the gym, wearing shorts to work, wearing shorts to class, wearing shorts, wearing socks with sandals, sneezing, hiccups, watching tv with family, watching tv with friends, when you can taste the bubbles, bench pressing, cutting wood, listening to Queen, laughing profusely, crying profusely, biking, jump rope, driving, and eating bananas.

  • Females
    • Random nipple erections no longer occur. The only causes are now the temperature and state of arousal.

The Fortunate

       Ever since I was a small insignificant little child I’ve always sought out to find the fault in others. I grew up quite poor, living off the scraps of those selfish rich that throw away bones with enough chicken left on it to feed a family of fourteen! 

I have quite the tendency to ramble about those slick days of my youth, stealing from the rich. I found myself admiring my own nobility, because seriously… I hate the rich! But alas I digress, yet again… This set of patch notes will change the behaviour and tendencies of those 1% that we all hate, because at the end of the day nothing is more fun than ganging up on people that we hate and smiling to yourself that you hurt someone’s feelings instead of crying yourself to sleep because you aren’t sleeping in wads of 100$ bills. On to the patch!

EARTH   Patch 1.1
  •      There will be a cap of $40,000(USD) a year allowed in money earned.

  •          After attaining a cap of 40,000 a year, your stats and position will reset and you will have to restart at a lower profession (Janitors and such)

  •        Each time your stats and position reset you get an achievement, no one can see this achievement, and it’s all about self-satisfaction!


  •         If the player that is reset is in a position of leadership or high stature, the person underneath the individual in position will take over. This will ensure balance and let everyone have a turn being CEO.

  •          All resets will occur at 11:59pm PST and any excess money earned before reset will be distributed evenly to the closest individuals during time of reset.

  •        All existing items earned by the individual reset will be given to your most neglected family member. You know, the one whose calls you never return you big jerk.

User interface
  •       Memory leaks are fixed in this patch, no more randomly forgetting what show you’re watching during the commercials. (I hope that’s not just me).