The Fortunate

       Ever since I was a small insignificant little child I’ve always sought out to find the fault in others. I grew up quite poor, living off the scraps of those selfish rich that throw away bones with enough chicken left on it to feed a family of fourteen! 

I have quite the tendency to ramble about those slick days of my youth, stealing from the rich. I found myself admiring my own nobility, because seriously… I hate the rich! But alas I digress, yet again… This set of patch notes will change the behaviour and tendencies of those 1% that we all hate, because at the end of the day nothing is more fun than ganging up on people that we hate and smiling to yourself that you hurt someone’s feelings instead of crying yourself to sleep because you aren’t sleeping in wads of 100$ bills. On to the patch!

EARTH   Patch 1.1
  •      There will be a cap of $40,000(USD) a year allowed in money earned.

  •          After attaining a cap of 40,000 a year, your stats and position will reset and you will have to restart at a lower profession (Janitors and such)

  •        Each time your stats and position reset you get an achievement, no one can see this achievement, and it’s all about self-satisfaction!


  •         If the player that is reset is in a position of leadership or high stature, the person underneath the individual in position will take over. This will ensure balance and let everyone have a turn being CEO.

  •          All resets will occur at 11:59pm PST and any excess money earned before reset will be distributed evenly to the closest individuals during time of reset.

  •        All existing items earned by the individual reset will be given to your most neglected family member. You know, the one whose calls you never return you big jerk.

User interface
  •       Memory leaks are fixed in this patch, no more randomly forgetting what show you’re watching during the commercials. (I hope that’s not just me).