Hello, my name is Roland. Konguru is I

Sorry for the delay in between posts, as I’ve been busy with term papers and assignments. It’s just one of those times when there’s always work to be done, that busy period in life we go through that tests us to our fullest capabilities. Stress increases and all that matters is just producing something we’re satisfied enough to hand in. We as university students know this as finals, and to be completely honest with you I haven’t been telling the truth (I’ve lied and it only seems fair to come clean). I’ve been browsing Youtube for the past few days, something I’m not totally proud of, as this was a habit I’ve mentioned that needs correcting. However, as bad as this setback sounds there's some positive. The word “Konguru” has been introduced to me, although a foul slang for some, I’ve found it quite fitting.

I discovered this word “Konguru” when I was watching a production on Youtube, called K-Town. To spare you all from this drunken drama fest of an Asian version of Jersey Shore (you can watch it of course but I’ll be silently judging you) it’s about a community of mid twenty individuals who have semi interesting lives. One of the cast members Scarlet first used this word, as a replacement to the commonly used phase “FOB”, an insult to immigrant orientals which stands for fresh off the boat. Although not as bad to the latter term, “Konguru” means a fobby male or female who just came to America and acts very shy. Compared to a direct insult which makes fun of a person's adaptation to a foreign place, “Konguru” talks about the mannerisms of a foreigner, as they have common courtesy in their actions. These are individuals who maintain their polite considerate nature. I found myself fascinated with this word, as I investigated further into it’s origins I  soon saw myself as a “Konguru”. These were people who were timid, compared to the outrageous clubbers in the show who had no common sense. What I found surprising in the show was how offended others were when they were called this, as they would protest in vulgarity to the insult. Myself I found the term “Konguru” to be quite the compliment, a title I’d be proud to hold.

This is where this blog post comes in, as my last post I left off with the thought of finding a tag for myself. I’ve considered this as my online user name, Konguru. I’d like to get some feedback from you guys and see what other possibilities were

Stay tuned for the next episode.