Hello, my name is Roland. Jayus is today's word.

Here's a poem that I've been working on. It's been uncompleted for quite some time now but I've been editing it to clarify sections and to fix the flow. Not 100% sure if the changes were for the better so if you have any feedback please leave a comment. 

This poem was for a Creative Writing class in which we had an exercise to list what we did in normal day. After coming up with a simple list I played around with verses to create this poem, as it reflected the feeling I had at the time. It was when I was just in a creative slump, my oldest brother had just moved out and things felt strange around the house. This was also when I spent hours on the computer just finding interesting things. and by coincidence I stumbled upon a site that shared foreign words that carried with them much meaning. From the list I choose two words that connected to how I felt, Jayus and Toska. This being said here is my poem.

Occupied streets that seems empty. 

This morning
working on a poem
the mouse clicks
as animals do,
while my weary eyes strive
to finish.

The microwave beeps
And fills the room,
with the reward
of left-over Chinese food
while the T.V shows
reruns of CSI, as promised.

Plastic champagne cups
are filled with water -
a sudden shiver,
as spilt ink forms faces
on the ghost white futon
and coats my fingertips.

I take a shower,
like waterfalls showering over
to refills the prayer cups.
A faded frame sit
as incenses are lit.
Waving once, twice,
thrice with thoughts of family.

Lie down
on the stained futon in malaise,
with my thoughts
of my older brother
moved out. Starting
to print a few poems,
with void voices echoing
around the table covered with
worn-out newspapers and dusty books.

Seconds turn into minutes, then hours, and
days start to nullify here. Caught
in routine, with plagued tasks.
But maybe. maybe
it’s necessary,

to stare
at oneself in the mirror and
get dressed, just
 to sit with Toska.
the oncoming day.

Stay tuned for the next episode.