Hello, my name is Roland. We're here to help.

Punctuality in life is golden. It's the standard in which evaluates each and everyone of us as individuals in life. If you have a deadline then you are expected to meet the expectations without any complications or excuses. This being said, if I wait in the damn line and order a coffee at Starbucks then I better expect that coffee in ten minutes as promised. If this promise isn't fulfilled someone suffers -a coffee addict like myself- or it can also mean the coffee maker is on the fritz again and I'll have to wait for thirty minutes for Earl the maintenance guy to drop on by and fit it. What ever the case two facts are certain, I'm going to have to suffer until this problem resolves itself and Earl is going to be one busy man today.

Earl the maintenance guy
I brought up the topic of punctuality because this has been something I've been struggling to improve on. For quite some time this has been a growing concern, a common issue I've noticed in many people I've encountered with in life. Even though we all have the capability to produce something spectacular we lack the motivation and the mindset to deliver a creative project in a timely manner. I especially see this in myself, as this is the depending factor that can attribute to the success of Brodinary. If the content on this blog remains barren as it has been for some time now then chances are this blog is likely to fail, a fear that haunts me daily. As I look around the internet to websites that produce material on a daily basis I question myself, as to why I don't possess the drive to produce a site to a similar ability. I can come up with numerous excuses to explain why but this doesn't do much, it only creates a barrier to keep producing sub-par work. With this comes a proposition, a commitment for myself to follow in order to better myself and Brodinary.

1) Keep content updated every week.
I'm committing myself to produce posts and content each week for Brodinary. I am currently in talks with the original founders to create a schedule so content is organized.

2) Redesigning the site
This has been one of the things I've put off countless times. Since I have free time after this semester I'll be devoting myself into redesign the blog to reflect the original concept behind Brodinary.

3) Spreading the word
Networking to a broader audience so our content is viewed by as much people as possible. Having an audience to support us will be a big step.

Stay tuned for the next episode.