The Other World Part 1

       Darkness fell. Forests burned with an eerie orange tinge. A lone entity stood among the chaos. Knowledge is its food, its life source, so it watched everything despite a little fearful. Very deep inside the entity glowed a faint blue light - the heart of the entity... no, the very essence and soul. The soul thrives on knowledge, but more so on love, compassion, and kindness. Purple swirls guard the soul, constantly twirling about, wary of threats.  The entity itself is a sapphire blue shadow, tinged with black from the Darkness. It didn't mind though, the blackness also serves as a camouflage with the coming abyss. 

        Smoke crawls forth, blanketing what's left of the once lively world.  Embers shine through every now and then, glimmering like how stars once lit up the sky.  Small flecks of light peek from a crack within the Earth.  A curious spark, the colour of an emerald, floats through the air. Some of the orange timber singes the green spark, causing it to darken in pain.  The spark sinks towards the ground, momentarily lost and blinded.  Darkness seeps in, mixing some of its black with the beautiful green.  A bright light erupts from a nearby flame, forcing the Darkness away.  It sheds some of its luminescence onto the spark.  From the distance, the entity noticed the explosion, and slowly draws towards it.  It moves so slowly, as if burdened by some great weight.  Somehow, despite being sluggish, the entity still carried grace.  The spark now evolved, had an orange tinge among its exquisite green shine, along with bits of black left over from Darkness.  It was quite a marvelous sight;  the black tinge only served to bring out the colours of the spark. 

* * *

       The entity finally reached the site of the explosion, at first seeing nothing but destruction. Then it noticed the emerald spark.  How curious.  Thin orange strands of light danced about it. Spots of black mixed with the stunning green shine.  It reminded the entity of itself. A small ember lands on the entity. One of the purple strands quickly removes it.  The entity feels nothing, accustomed to pain and having experienced worse; it could not be bothered by such insignificance.  The entity walks away, but not before inviting the green spark to follow.  Both hesitant and still wary of each other, they continue their journey together.  A small pink lotus that survived in this abyss blossomed among the wreckage.  The entity notices, its soul glowing a bit brighter as it collects the flower and trudges on.

* * *

       Darkness.  The light from the green spark was no longer there to guide the entity; the spark had left.  Entity moved on. Each step taking more effort than the last. Pain creeped in, the blackness taking over the deep sapphire. Times like these is why the entity does not dare to shine like the orange embers of the earth, like the bright green spark.  The soul of the entity, so well hidden from the Darkness but always aware of the menace, was so deeply buried in the entity for safety.  The soul, filled with so much love and kindness, despite the cruelty it has suffered, reached out searching for the green spark.