life sucks

people suck
what i hate most about ppl 

1) hypocrites
do what you preach
set the example
also this is how you win arguments. most ppl are hypocrites. literally just throw what they said back at 'em and most of the time they're fuckin speechless.  or tell you to shut up. u know you've won an argument when someone says the following: 'shut up', 'whatever', 'fine' etc.

2) when people use their gender as an excuse for their attitude

attitude has NOTHING to do with gender. stop using it as an scapegoat. most of you are fuckin using this as an excuse to justify your attitude.  only a handful of ppl can rightfully blame their gender ... actually their hormones. for instance some ppl do have innate high testerone, or high hormone activity when they have their period and what not.  that is not ENTIRELY their fault but there is still something called WILLPOWER and there is always HELP like medical help.

3) liars.
4) cocky assholes