When you love someone so much, you start to understand the "cheesiness" that people describe; that they do not understand.  The feeling that many artists have tried to capture, but failed to do so.  Not because they are incompetent, but simply because it is impossible.  The feeling of happiness that comes from such genuine love. True happiness.  It cannot be captured in any art form.  Too complex, too potent to describe in words, song, pictures.  

One does not understand it until he/she experiences it.  It overcomes you.  

It is like when you sink to the very bottom when you are depressed. When you lose something or someone dear to you.  When that abyss closes in and you can't see anything else but darkness.  Or when you have a panic attack. A phobia.

Except it's the exact opposite.

You're soaring. Elated. No, not even those words suffice. 

You only understand when you feel it.