Ignorance is bliss

Cancer everywhurrr

When the average person is near death, for some reason it creates fear; and with it comes despair. But why despair? When you have lived your life, if you are old and had your fun, if you are 90 years old and saw your children grow up, marry, have kids of their own... why despair? why fear?

The hardest trait to find is acceptance.

Ignorance is bliss, after all.

And if you are young, immediate death; nothing you can do.
Something like cancer, you still have time. Live out your life then. You know what to do with those savings. You can use them right now and just do what you want before you die. Finish that checklist. 

The only thing you could fear if you are dying, is fearing for those you are leaving behind.  Fear of hurting them and them falling to despair.  But they too, must come to accept your passing.  

Death serves as a reminder for us to appreciate the living... and if the living is unfortunate then death serves as a release.