The Other World Part 2

(please read Part 1 first)

A faint light appeared in the distance.  The hopeful soul forces the entity to stop and look.  Sure enough, it was the green spark, it had returned.  Its light, though diminished by its journey, quickly regained its former glow as it drew off the kindness of the entity's soul.  The soul brightened in return, gladly embracing the warmth and light of the green spark, also happy at the spark's joy.

* * *

Smoke... fog... drifting... blanketing the ground... both dangerous and safe. could go either way. fractured thoughts, restless mind, entity moves on.

* * *

      The green spark bounced as it floated, as if content.  The blue soul glowed in response, growing slightly.  The purple swirls circled, forever wary.  The green spark had left it, the guards made sure to protect the soul so it would not be hurt again... hopefully.  Why make up such petty, unnecessary lies when... no... especially to someone so understanding and kind?  Meanwhile the entity trudged on, following the light of the green spark.  Darkness so heavy made the entity hunch over, made it want to stop and give up, but the entity slowly moved on. Step by step. 

     Lightning struck out from Entity, voices were in the distance, treacherous voices speaking only of empty promises and fake friendships.  They just wanted attention, such shallow thoughts... but the entity knew better. It could sense the hidden hostility, the falseness of their kindness... those kinds of people only made "friendships" for their own selfish needs.  The moment you stop feeding them what they want, they abandon you.  Lightning surrounded the entity, creating a static barrier and thunderous shocks... drowning out the insidious cries.  The entity trudged on, looking for what little purity is left, if any.

If something can be destroyed by truth, then it should be.