A final thought

This chapter of my life is nearing an end.

I've finally gotten a taste of what I can expect in the future if I work towards it.

It's so much better than before.

It's reminiscent to the reading the final pages of a book that you couldn't seem to put down. How everything seems to conclude and lead to the final parts, knowing deep down that somehow as long as I'm with the person I love and I keep working hard, I can succeed and be happy with what I have.

It's like knowing that the main character of a story will live happily ever after.

It reminded me long ago of that night in the darkness, my sheets covering me in an arc, laying itself gently over my head and capturing the white glow of the laptop as it shone directly at my face. I scrolled through websites now unknown and stumbled very fatefully at the final comic edition of Calvin and Hobbes.

It made me realize that maybe in a world filled with such uncertainty and magic, even someone like me might make it through alright after all.