i mean hi there ppl!



SO. extreme boredom. still  have more funeral rites then I will b done wid all dis.

ARMOR GAMES!!! nostalgia time!

Top favourites all time Sonny, Sinjid, The Last Stand etc

looking to kill time?

i highly recommend startin with sonny before going for Sinjid

I chose the assassin class. I will show you my skill tree so far (im lvl 20). the equip x# means the # of times i put that skill on the circle of skills available. Some skills you can equip more than once! *

Abilities: 1/5 Smash
                1/3 Wound < equip x1  - more damage taken + dot why not?
                1/1 Break < equip x1  - stun's always useful!
                1/5 Disruption
                1/5 Sunder
                5/5 Master Strike < equip x2  I AM THE MASTAAAAA
                3/3 Coup de Grace < equip x1  literally. KABOOM. die mothafucka
                1/5 Blood Focus  < equip x1 NEEED MOAR POWAA
                5/5 Brutality < passive.  MORE DAMAGESSS
you can take some points in brutality and put it in regen for more focus regen each round. or put more points into blood focus . for some reason veradux does not like giving me the focus regen buff so I will probably respec and invest in focus regeneration.

Stat Distribution:  4 speed 1 str 1 vit, 4 speed 1 str, 4 speed 1 str 1 vit,  2spd

total of :  19 attribute points. ^ show u the pattern of how to distribute.

*you have 5 free re-specs per day. you WILL NEED to respec against certain opponents esp end game vs doctor herregods. SUBVERSION HIS ASS! he will heal himself when he's below 990k hp

I will also write my build and stuff for Sinjid later on if you guys want it. if you need any help with anything just let me know in the comments!

game on! and remember to have fun!

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