not a footprint to be seeeen

quiet, mysterious as the dark side of the mooon

let's get down to business

can you paint with all the colours of the wind?

no one to tell us no or where to go or say we're only dreaming

tale as old as time

darling it's better down where it's wetter under the sea

nobody beats us fry us and eats us

POKEMON! gotta catch em all

we are one 

we will stand by your side 

filled with hope and filled with pride

you've got a friend in me 

when the road looks rough ahead and your miles and miles from your nice warm bed

you just remember what your old pal said

Hakuna Matata

~ VI + REN +  Mashup 
       -  Let it Go - Frozen
       -  I'll Make A Man Out Of You - Mulan
       -  Colours of the Wind - Pocahontas
       -  A Whole New World - Aladdin
       -  Tale As Old As Time - Beauty and the Beast
       -  Under The Sea - The Little Mermaid
       -  Pokemon Theme Song - Pokemon
       -  We Are One - Lion King 2
       -  You've Got A Friend In Me - Toy Story
       -  Hakuna Matata - Lion King

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