Funky Winker Beans

My friend is in a band called Opus Arise, and she invited us to their performance at Funky Winker Beans.  When you walk in, you're greeted by loud metal / rock.  It was pretty dark and still early, so we decided to go grab a bite before returning to the club. Unfortunately, Funky Winker Beans did not serve food so we went right next door. 

while we were eating, my other friend texted me so I invited him to come join us.  We told him to head on in first since we were almost done eating. Upon seeing him, I feel like that was one of the most "emo" things I've ever witnessed. When we entered, he was in a corner sitting by himself and staring off into space... all this with metal playing in the background.  


so we chatted n hung out for a bit until Opus Arise performed

My absolute favourite part about metal is the double bass. Drumming takes so much stamina in this genre. HEADBANG

Dec 6 is their next performance. I will update the whereabouts if you're in Vancouver and would like to come!

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