The Other World Part 3

  Feeling lonely, Entity looked up but found nothing.  Still pitch black, Entity strained to see anything, anything at all.  Time has passed, how much? None know in this swirling abyss.  Finally arriving on the next area, the entity is hopeful.  Some flickering lights still exist, but so many were wiped out.  Darkness so evil, so greedy, wanting more and more.  Even now, trails of smoke latched onto the surviving lifeforms.  One of the sparks reached out to Entity, a purple one.  Suddenly it grew to a lingering form, swaying this and that as if unsure.  Entity moves back, confused, speculative... but unafraid.  Is this the one? Before the entity realized what was going on, the purple form had infused itself with the entity's purple guardians. 

  It is the one then.  the one that left the purple to guard me so long ago. I have been searching so long for you I almost forgot. 

The purple and blue souls dance together, intertwining and forming new shades. Such joy had not been witnessed since the Darkness.  The other lights shined brighter in response... but some also fell to Darkness.

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