"Yes, pigs like any animal can be agressive. They are big. They have teeth, and hoves and simple body mass. To keep them gentle, interact with them in a positive manner from the start. Tame them. Get them used to thinking of you in a positive frame. But never let them think they are boss. You must be the boss, the alpha, the leader. Any overly agressive animals should simply be eaten. You want to cull the herd of any who are nasty. That must be a firm rule – Be nice or be dinner."

That quote is so describing who I want to be that it's not even funny.

What kind of guy runs a farm where he can grow pigs and eat them in time for Christmas dinner?

The guy who wants to be an awesome chef and cook the best things ever.

Its decided.

I am for sure going for culinary school. There are no more doubts in my mind. I will make the best food ever to please my Vi.


Must make best food for Vi..

Tilapia farming. They only need running water for exercise. Make them strong by training them hard and running their water at intervals of 1 day sprint 1 day rest. Feed them quality food.


Pig farming. This is more intense but taking care of a pig from a baby can change completely the quality of the meat. Keeping a pig well taken care of for 8 months is a very easy task once funds are easily accessed.

(This is much later on)

Growing and taking care of a pear tree with healthy fertilizer and proper nutrition. Then harvesting
the really good pear and grinding up the seeds for added seasoning on my fish.
Store bought will probably be fine for now.

Bouillon I need to do more. It seems like a hassle but its not. You can keep liquid bouillon in the fridge forever.

growing own herbs and spices are easy and a must. That shit is required, don't skimp on that when you start cooking well man.
Remember what you learned... herb plants require 6 hours of sunlight each day and not be too hot in the afternoons. That means planting a fan at them during summer.


One of the biggest reasons plants die is because water gets stagnant at the bottom and it kills the plant. Drain thorougly, you don't want that dirty water rot the crap out of your roots. It was during this moment that I realized that the words 'Rot and Root' are one letter apart.

6 to 8 inches in height before touching those bad-boys and take only a quarter at a time or you'll kill it bro. Don't cut again until it's healed completely back to when you cut it. That stuff needs time, dont kill your plant bro.

So these are just some few things that I can do to make proper quality foods that is deserving of my Vi, just make sure to never forget what drives you and ... Be nice  or Be dinner.

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