update on culinary + some scr shots from skyrim

so culinaryz gonna start in march. will update pics of food and such then.

for the meantime CHRISTMASSSS

got earrings but no pierced ears.
now thinkin of piercin em >.>

people need to stop being so obnoxious and loud in public places.

s/o likes to go out
i would like to go out
but i dont like people



so i try but sometimes it gets really hard
because all i want is just a quiet evening

sometimes listenin to metal
sometimes not

game music is really the best

jus so epic or soothing and or fun

i dno if i posted pics from skyrim yet but mammoths give ZERO fucks

literally zero. even to dragons.
this guy killed the dragon without me helping pretty much

really liked the lights here. wanna see aurora lights IRL when i can

bonus: from dota 2 one of my favourite wallpapers !

so ya! too early to say merry christmas so I hope people are doin well

~ Vi