Went to La Cuisson ^ strawberry waffle

hazelnut coffee cake + lemon tart >
pretty gooood!

anyway I quit my job and got another one at the Keg
much much better
Management is excellent and employee perks are awesome
I get to work with my bf, really fun
lost my train of thought
forgot why i'm writing on here
enjoy pretty pictures

christmas is near

Hello people,

Hopefully everyone will have a great holiday.

Christmas is near, and I decided to modify the 12 days of Christmas song to commemorate the time I've spent with my lovely partner.

(I'm starting with the twelfth day for simplicity's sake...)

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me:
12 power armors
11 gladiators fighting
10 fighting zealots
9 burrowed zerglings 
8 legendaries
7 limbo demons
6 roshan's aegis
5 party hats
4 bottle caps
3 french fries
2 pizza pops and 

a lovely diamond for me!

References: Fallout, Starcraft, Runescape, Dota, MMOs etc

life in the kitchen... or at least the one i work in

life of the saute - hands smell like ginger + garlic for dayz
life of the fry - sauces.... especially on wings night. smell - mixture of sauces on your hands foreverrr
life of grill - hoping that steak is done right
life of salads- crud there's cheese everywhereeeee
life of pizza/oven - bread everywhere.. wait did we burn one of the sets
life of dish - shower everyday day

Ren's words of wisdom

  • "water is wet"
  • "I made it fall so I have to go to dollarama"
  • "the way to open this, is this... fancy"
  • "I will find you Mr. Cap"
  • "if you kill a killer, the number of killers stay the same"
  • "my throat jiggles when I do it"
  • "he's gonna smoke with fire"
  • "you start to mumble in a really deep mumble"
  • "I'm weird"
  • "It's the fluffy thing I was confused I was"


So Vi and I started working in different restaurants. We're working in different kitchens with different styles with a foundation of french cooking and skills.

It makes me happy knowing that we are developing our skills for the future and not just for some meaningless job.

I predict that in 10 years we will have opened our own restaurant!

It's going to be awesome.

cooking school

So we finally started cooking school (yay!), unfortunately our knife kits are delayed a week.

Our chef is super french - it's pretty awesome except sometimes when it's loud it's hard to understand him.  

We've only learned knife skills so far and I have to say that "turning" / "shaping" something is so fricking hard to do. looks easy sure but I can't do it at all. You're supposed to trim whatever you're cutting (e.g. potato) into a football shape. 


So I've been starting to realize just how incredibly nerdy my life has been these past years. I've made a gaming resume of sorts before but ever since my girlfriend had told me to list all the things that I have done that could be considered lazy; I realize that I could be a dork.

  • 10 Year veteran on RuneScape with Max cape for 3 years
  • Server 2nd Heroic Deathwing, Server 1st Corrupted Phoenix mount drop
  • S7 Glad 
  • Three 150+ Characters on Maplestory
  • One tournament win Super Smash Brothers Melee
  • Played for a semi-pro team for DOTA1 as role 3 and 5
  • 100%'d too many games to list
  • Able to speedrun Mario 3
  • Completed Pokemon yellow pokedex
  • Beaten hardest level of Pokemon Stadium 64
That's just my gaming stuff

  • Extensive knowledge of the lore in many fantasy universes (WoW, RS, LoTR, Marvel, DC, Warhammer, Elder Scrolls, Dark Souls, Fire Emblem, Zelda...) I'm forgetting a lot
  • Played Yu-gi-oh competitively
  • Painted Warhammer figurines for money 
  • Have many Pikachu toys

Thats just from thinking about it for 10 minutes. I'm sure I'll be able to remember more in the future.

I always thought I had to hide my powerlevel from people, especially my girlfriend. But it really makes me happy knowing that I can share these things with the one I love the most. D'awwwwwww


T6 torment hardcore say wut wut

greater rifts are so scary though
almost died
pls no wall frozen jailer

haven't been able to get a complete marauder's set for some reason . blasting thru 200 paragon levels and only have 2set D:

so I can't really say if I like demon hunter just yet

wizard is tons of fun though. fire EVERYWHEREEEEE

moved in with s/o
place is pretty awesome. have view of mountains on clear day.
seagull comes by now and then for breakfast. named him/her spotty

one month ish til cooking school woooo


alright so march 30th confirmmmmmeed

woooo accepted.

will update on food. yumyum. 
1 year program - culniary + baking & pastry

tbh right now im most excited for the gear. YAY KNIVES

this reminds me of a pic i took in skyrim.

we shall feast!
sometimes i feel like
i should jus get up and leave

wish you could afk from life 

but u cant

or pause it

like a game
but u cant

but i guess i can do certain things
like grab a coat and just go outside

even if it means freezin for 2+ hours or god knows how long

jus to get away

but the pain is still there see

and I dont know how to stop that.