So I've been starting to realize just how incredibly nerdy my life has been these past years. I've made a gaming resume of sorts before but ever since my girlfriend had told me to list all the things that I have done that could be considered lazy; I realize that I could be a dork.

  • 10 Year veteran on RuneScape with Max cape for 3 years
  • Server 2nd Heroic Deathwing, Server 1st Corrupted Phoenix mount drop
  • S7 Glad 
  • Three 150+ Characters on Maplestory
  • One tournament win Super Smash Brothers Melee
  • Played for a semi-pro team for DOTA1 as role 3 and 5
  • 100%'d too many games to list
  • Able to speedrun Mario 3
  • Completed Pokemon yellow pokedex
  • Beaten hardest level of Pokemon Stadium 64
That's just my gaming stuff

  • Extensive knowledge of the lore in many fantasy universes (WoW, RS, LoTR, Marvel, DC, Warhammer, Elder Scrolls, Dark Souls, Fire Emblem, Zelda...) I'm forgetting a lot
  • Played Yu-gi-oh competitively
  • Painted Warhammer figurines for money 
  • Have many Pikachu toys

Thats just from thinking about it for 10 minutes. I'm sure I'll be able to remember more in the future.

I always thought I had to hide my powerlevel from people, especially my girlfriend. But it really makes me happy knowing that I can share these things with the one I love the most. D'awwwwwww

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