Stardew Valley

Working as a line cook can be pretty stressful, and sometimes I don't have the energy for high intensity games like RTS and PvP.

My lovely boyfriend recommended stardew valley and so far it has been an amazing experience.

The variety of things to do in this game astounds me. Everytime I think that there can not be more, i discover a new secret or a new skill.

I'd like to share some screenshots (there may be spoilers!) of the game.

Background: You are a worker in modern day world where you start to feel unfulfilled in life. Thankfully your grandfather left you some land to start a farm!

My starting out farm! Just a few crops so far

You can get head accessories like hats, bows etc!

 eventually you get a pet which you choose in the beginning (dog or cat preference)

Not fond of crops? let's get some animals! 

There are also really pretty and funny cutscenes in this game.

Anyhoo, sorry for the long silence. It's been quite busy.  We found an apartment so no more renting in a few months. Very exciting!!!

I will post pictures of the new apartment when all is set.

showcase cause... reasons?

so. zeus no longer looks like mario... YAY! (dota 2)

Arcana looks so sick. I hope they redo Lina.  I mean.. he's floating on a friggin cloud!

Have also been playing fallout 4. Pink power armor? hell yes. (jetpack not included :P)

runescaaaaaaaaaaaape.  how this game has changed.
except 1 tick pking.