ALIVE?? why yes. i think

It has been a while // have been quite busy.

I recently started playing WoW again.

Dailies are dumb.  I miss the old grind when you want and stop when you want. Instead, you are limited to doing dailies to grind rep just so you can fly in the area.  This becomes a problem when one can only play a certain amount of time a week. For instance, since it's limited to DAILY things, I cannot grind 5k rep in one day when I'm free. Thus I am forced to grind only 500 rep and wait the next day for resets; or until I can play again.

Other than thaaaaaaaaaat, I'd like to share a few awesome pics.  I got the class mount today so \o/ yay.

The journey to obtain this mount was pretty long.  On the way, I made friends with elemental lords:

I got to see the beautiful Throne of Four Winds and securing the new Windlord's throne.


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