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With EA bombing on Star Wars: Battlefront, an interesting cause and effect has occurred.  I am for removing RNG paid things.. a prime example would be Nexon. Especially Maplestory. You pay for a box for a chance to get a scroll. This scroll is also a chance to give you what you want. If you get the type of stats you want, the range is still RNG. So it's RNG within RNG within RNG within RNG and you're paying for that.

Companies like Blizzard that give you what you pay for, do microtransactions right.  I'm happy to pay for cosmetics to support the company, and not pay to win. Much less Pay to RNG to win.

I wonder if the govt. can get rid of online gambling when it comes to games, and how they will manage it. What will constitute as "gambling" anyway?

With games like Hearthstone, you can't pay for the card you want.. that'd be paying to win. Since it's a card game, it's ok for you to buy packs with random cards. That's how it works in real life card games as well.

What defines that fine line?

I'm aware of some concerns such as if power is given to the government, what if they remove microtransactions all together? Would we no longer have free games? Would we also have to pay significantly more for new games?

The majority of games right now are already very expensive.. and they don't even give you the whole game like they used to!  Instead of the whole hamburger.. you get the patty. The buns might be preorder and the rest are DLC you have to purchase.

I'm quite worried about the future of gaming. We've seen huge hits and huge falls. One of the most memorable falls being Bethesda. I do not wish to go into detail as it may offend certain parties, but it's a huge shame the people in charge of producing Mass Effect Andromeda completely ruined the series.

Good luck.

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