Final Fantasy XV

Not sure whether to buy?

- Do you like action packed combat?
- Do you like fishing / gathering? (optional)
- Do you like slaying monsters and saving the world?
- Do you like cars?

So far I am thoroughly enjoying this game. You can friggin cook in this game.. well I mean Ignis cooks but you sorta help sometimes.

I mean look at that. Doesn't it look DELICIOUS??

I've never had trouble with gathering, so I do get sidetracked and spend hours fishing / looking for ingredients for food. But if you're not into that, there are many other things to do, such as participating in hunts and aiding several people you meet.

There are several interesting side quests, one that is definitely worth doing is the chocobo questline so you can rent them! No more walking... well less of it.

Prompto likes taking photos such as ^  

What's interesting is you can customize your chocobos! Including colours and medals you win from races!

I don't enjoy the car rides but there is a fast travel option so fear not if you are not a fan of that either. 

For combat, Noctis can wield up to 4 weapons/spells. So I have yet to be bored from fighting / killing stuff in general with the huge arsenal the game provides. Techniques are also quite fun.. I have yet to really get into summoning.

Hope you are having a wonderful day ^.^

Thanks for reading

- Vi